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PC03SM - M-82 Replica riflescope andMOUNTING SYSTEM FOR 1903A3

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Replica M82 rifle scope manufactured by Hi-Lux Optics. The M82G2 has 2.5 power magnification with a crosswire and post reticle, 7/8 inch external body/tube diameter to replicate the WWII era M82 design. The lenses are of commercial quality glass multi-coated. This scope has the designation "M82G2" "Hi-Lux optics", and serial number starting 0100, all etched into the scope body. The M82G2 is legal for use during the conduct of the CMP Vintage Sniper Rifle Match on top of the 1903A4, M1C and M1D original rifle and/or repros. Replica 1903A4 scope rings are for 7/8 inch diameter scope body/tube and utilize the conventional "Redfield" design. Replica 1903A4 scope base is for the two hole design found on original 1903A4 rilfes and utilize the conventional "Redfield" design.
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