Civilian Marksmanship Program
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737 - US M1 Carbines: WartimePRODUCTION - BY CRAIG RIESCH

5th edition, revised & expanded by Craig Riesch describes the four models of M1 Carbines from all ten manuf. Complete with codes for every part ...

Price: $17.80

744 - CMP Safety Rifle Guide

A 32 page booklet; written for owners of CMP rifles. This guide includes safe gun handling rules & safety guidelines, explains how the rifle ...

Price: $3.15


The 11x17 poster series highlights the most important teaching points for getting young BB gun shooters started in four-position marksmanship. ...

Price: $10.45

749 - CMP Advanced Shooter's Journal

Keeping a Shooter's Journal is one of the best ways to improve target shooting scores. This ADVANCED SHOOTER'S JOURNAL was originally designed ...

Price: $2.00

751 - CMP Rifle Score Book

CMP Rifle Score Book A scorebook for CMP Games As-Issued Military Rifle Matches. Designed for shooters who practice and compete in CMP As- Issued ...

Price: $7.30

751AW - CMP Rifle Scorebook-AllWEATHER

All Weather CMP rifle Scorebook. A scorebook for CMP Games As-Issued Military Rifle Matches. Designed for shooters who practice and compete in CMP ...

Price: $10.45

752 - Carbine Cal .30 M1: Diagrams& PICTURES FIRST EDITION

Every late issue blueprint that was used in the production of the M1 Carbine - listing: dimensional tolerances, fit, finish, materials used & ...

Price: $31.45

754 - CMP Competition Rules forSMALLBORE RIFLE

The 2022 4th Edition of the CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules governs all smallbore rifle competitions conducted by the CMP or its affiliated ...

Price: $4.95

756 - M1 Garand Photo Essay Book

This is an interesting book which as the title suggests is a photo essay of the component parts of the M1 rifle. The book is spiral bound and ...

Price: $69.95

756V2 - M1 Garand Photo Essay BookVOLUME II

M1 Garand Photo Essay Volume II This book is spiral bound and divided into ten sections: feathering, M1-C, M1-D, accessory item as grenade ...

Price: $49.95

758 - Coaching Young Rifle ShootersBY GARY ANDERSON

An instructional and teaching guide for coaches and parents who work with beginning and intermediate junior rifle shooters. 187 pages, full ...

Price: $20.95

760 - CMP Service Pistol Rules

The 2022 25th Edition of the CMP Pistol Competition Rules governs all CMP sponsored and sanctioned Matches for Service Pistol and 22 Rimfire ...

Price: $9.95

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