Civilian Marksmanship Program
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PS201WRA - Safety, WRA, Flat top markedW/W.R.A.-1, WWII

WRA Safety Flat top marked with W.R.A.-1 Standard S&H rates apply

Price: $73.50

PS28EWRA - Hammer, WRA, Early, w/o hole,MARKED C46008-1W.R.A., WWII

WRA Hammer Early w/o extra hole, marked C46008-1W.R.A. Standard S&H rates apply

Price: $73.50

756 - M1 Garand Photo Essay Book

This is an interesting book which as the title suggests is a photo essay of the component parts of the M1 rifle. The book is spiral bound and ...

Price: $69.95

819 - Gage, Throat Erosion, M1GARAND

The breech bore gage is used to determine wear of the bore at the origin of the rifling. This gage has 10 graduations, each of which corresponds ...

Price: $65.10

PS31WPWRA - Guide, Bullet, WRA, Wide slot,PUNCH MARKED ONLY, WWII

WRA bullet guide Wide slot, punch marked only Standard S&H rates apply

Price: $58.80

PS28LHRA - Hammer, HRA, Late, markedHRA 5546008

HRA Hammer Late, marked "HRA 5546008" Standard S&H rates apply

Price: $51.45

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