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4C3006CS167-100 - Creedmoor Sports .3006AMMUNITION 100RDS/CASE

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Creedmoor Sports .30-06 Ammunition 167 grain boattail hollow point match. 100 rds per case. Creedmoor Sports Match Grade .30-06 Ammuntion is loaded right here in Anniston Alabama using only the highest quality components available anywhere in the world (Lapua brass and Lapua bullets imported directly from Finland). The combination of these components & the care that goes into producing each round makes it some of the highest grade .30-06 ammuntion on the market today, and at a price about 1/2 of what you would typically expect to pay for ammunition of similar quality. At 2,720 fps velocity this round is perfect for the M1 Garand or any other rifle chambered in .30-06. Special Introductory Price + Free Shipping
  • Item Number: 4C3006CS167-100
  • Price: $135.00
  • Category: Ammo

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