Civilian Marksmanship Program
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4C223FGMM3-200 - Federal Gold Medal 223 77grBTHP 200 RD/CS

Federal Gold Medal .223 cal 77gr boat tail hollow point Sierra match bullet 200rds/case Free Shipping

Price: $183.00

4C22ELYCLUBBRCK - .22 ELEY Club 500 rd brick

ELEY club is our mid-range competitive target cartridge featuring a round-nose bullet profile. 40 grain 1085 fps Free S&H to all US contiguous ...

Price: $89.95

4C22ELYCNTCBRCK - .22 ELEY contact 300rd Brick

ELEY contact ELEY contact is a subsonic, paraffin wax coated round. Designed specifically to cycle through semi-auto firearms with minimal ...

Price: $62.95

4C22ELYEDGEBRCK - .22 ELEY Edge 500rd brick

ELEY edge Manufactured utilizing our innovative tenex technology, ELEY edge is the ideal ammunition for competition. Its patented black ...

Price: $133.95

4C22ELYFORCBRCK - .22 ELEY Force 300rd brick

ELEY force is a high-velocity, paraffin wax coated round specifically designed to cycle through semi-auto firearms. The heavier bullet provides ...

Price: $62.95

4C22ELYMCHPBRCK - .22 ELEY Match Pistol 500rdBRICK

ELEY match pistol is manufactured specifically to meet stringent ISSF rapid-fire pistol velocity requirements. 40 grain, 1070 fps Free S&H to ...

Price: $170.95

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