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744 - CMP Safety Rifle Guide

A 32 page booklet; written for owners of CMP rifles. This guide includes safe gun handling rules & safety guidelines, explains how the rifle ...

Price: $3.15

740 - CMP Rifle Instruction Guide

The CMP Rifle Instruction Guide. A 48 page, 8 1/2 x 11" book with detailed instructions for learning basic target rifle shooting skills; written ...

Price: $5.20

737 - US M1 Carbines: WartimePRODUCTION - BY CRAIG RIESCH

5th edition, revised & expanded by Craig Riesch describes the four models of M1 Carbines from all ten manuf. Complete with codes for every part ...

Price: $17.80

736 - M1 Garand: 1936 to 1957, 4thEDITION BY J POYER/C RIESCH

4th edition, revised and expanded by Joe Poyer and Craig Riesch. The most famous of all American battle rifles, the M1 Garand is described on a ...

Price: $20.95

727 - U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30 M1DIAGRAMS & PICTURES

Every late issue blueprint that was used in the production of the M1 Garand rifle - listing: dimensional tolerances, fit, finish, materials used, ...

Price: $42.00

725BLUE39 - 39th Edition Blue Book of GunVALUES BY S.P. FJESTAD

The 39th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad has been expanded and updated to include new makes, models, and values on discontinued ...

Price: $45.00

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