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754 - CMP Competition Rules forSMALLBORE RIFLE

The current edition of the CMP Smallbore Rifle Competition Rules governs all smallbore rifle competitions conducted by the CMP or its affiliated ...

Price: $4.95

756 - M1 Garand Photo Essay Book

This is an interesting book which as the title suggests is a photo essay of the component parts of the M1 rifle. The book is divided into 15 ...

Price: $58.75

758 - Coaching Young Rifle ShootersBY GARY ANDERSON

An instructional and teaching guide for coaches and parents who work with beginning and intermediate junior rifle shooters. 187 pages, full ...

Price: $20.95

760 - CMP Service Pistol Rules

The current edition of the CMP Pistol Competition Rules governs all CMP sponsored and sanctioned matches for service pistol and 22 rimfire pistol ...

Price: $9.95


Price: $36.70

772 - Rifle Safety&Marksmanship TrngCD-ROM-OVER 5 $10.00 EACH

This CMP produced CD-ROM is designed for use by coaches, instructors and youth who are teaching or learning target rifle shooting. It presents a ...

Price: $15.70

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