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4C22ELYMTCHBRCK - .22 ELEY Match 50O rd brick

ELEY match Utilizing similar manufacturing technologies as ELEY tenex, ELEY match features a trimmed case that delivers consistent internal ...

Price: $170.95

4C22ELYSTD-5000 - .22 CMP ELEY Standard 5000rdCASE 10 BOXES 500 ROUNDS EACH

ELEY CMP standard ELEY in conjunction with the CMP developed an accurate round packaged in a bulk pak. ELEY CMP standard features a paraffin ...

Price: $354.95

4C22ELYTNXBRCK - .22 ELEY Tenex 500 rd brick

The world's most accurate .22LR round, ELEY tenex is manufactured utilizing the state-of-the-art machinery with high-speed visual inspection ...

Price: $212.95

4C22ELYTNXPBRCK - .22 ELEY Tenex Pistol 500rdBRICK

Born from a legend, ELEY tenex pistol was developed by performing comprehensive testing on ballistics, semi-auto cycling, bullet profiles, ...

Price: $212.95

4C22ELYTRGTBRCK - .22 ELEY Target 500rd brick

ELEY target Perfect for entry-level competition, ELEY target features a round-nose bullet profile. 40 grain 1090 fps Free S&H to all US ...

Price: $78.95

4C22RWS-BRICK - .22 LR RWS Match Ammunition500 RD BRICK

The RWS RIFLE MATCH is a special cartridge for rifles. It has optimal development of velocity and a very good performance. Due to its attractive ...

Price: $105.00

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