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744 - CMP Safety Rifle Guide

A 32 page booklet; written for owners of CMP rifles. This guide includes safe gun handling rules & safety guidelines, explains how the rifle ...

Price: $3.15

737 - US M1 Carbines: WartimePRODUCTION - BY CRAIG RIESCH

5th edition, revised & expanded by Craig Riesch describes the four models of M1 Carbines from all ten manuf. Complete with codes for every part ...

Price: $17.80

725BLUE39 - 39th Edition Blue Book of GunVALUES BY S.P. FJESTAD

The 39th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad has been expanded and updated to include new makes, models, and values on discontinued ...

Price: $45.00

723 - Ordnance Tools, Accessories &APPENDAGES OF THE M1 RIFLE

2nd Ed 2002, 206 pgs 345+ photos & illustrations-soft cover. An updated, comprehensive compilation of new photographs, period photographs and ...

Price: $41.95

721 - The M1 Garand Complete AssyGUIDE BY WALT KULECK W/C MCKEE

First printing July 2004, 155 pages - soft cover. Guides readers through the best and easiest way to assemble the M1 Garand. Included are tips, ...

Price: $20.95

719 - Complete Guide to the M1GARAND/M1 CARBINE-B CANFIELD

Improved 2nd Edition, Hard Cover, 296 pages, 300+ photos. The total story behind these exciting guns, from their invention thru WWII, Korea, ...

Price: $40.95


Johnson's booklet covers cleaning & maintenance tips as well as action upgrades that can be done with simple hand tools such as screwdrivers, a ...

Price: $2.10

711 - The M1 Garand Owners GuideBY SCOTT DUFF

THE M1 GARAND OWNER'S GUIDE By Scott A. Duff 6" x 9" softbound 125 pages, 49 photos Written specifically for the M1 Garand owner. Answers ...

Price: $20.95

710 - M1 Serial No. & Data SheetsBY SCOTT DUFF

THE M1 GARAND: SERIAL NUMBERS & DATA SHEETS By Scott A. Duff 4" x 8" softbound 101 pages, 84 Data sheets Two of the most critical factors in ...

Price: $10.45

709 - The M1 Garand:Post WWIIBY SCOTT DUFF

THE M1 GARAND: POST WORLD WAR II By Scott A. Duff 8 1/2" x 11" softbound 139 pages, 99 photos Volume 2 of the definitive reference set for the ...

Price: $23.05

708 - The M1 Garand: World War IIBY SCOTT DUFF

THE M1 GARAND: WORLD WAR II (Vol 1, 1900-1945) Revised, updated edition by Scott A. Duff 8 1/2" x 11", softbound 320 pages, 230 photos Volume I ...

Price: $36.70

706NM08 - Poster, National Matches 200822"X27"

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Price: $7.95

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